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Company Profile

Hunan Fuda Corporation was founded in 1985, formerly Fuda Washing Powder Factory. It established Fuda Chemical Co., Ltd in 1997, which has its subsidiaries of Fuda Chemical Equipment Factory, Fuda Washing Products Factory, AiLinKang Biotech Co.,Ltd, and Fuda Young Inventor Cradle Education Technology Co., Ltd. Our company is a comprehensive enterprise with its own import and export qualification. It is located at the center of Changsha in Hunan, where is the hometown of great men of Chairman Mao zedong and former National Chairman Liu Shaoqi. It has an advantageous geographical location and enjoys a convenient transportation.


Fuda Chemical Equipment Factory mainly manufactures and sells all kinds of chemical machinery, such as washing product and detergent powder machine, liquid detergent series machine, soap and transparent soap machine, granule forming machine, chemical drying equipment, reverse osmosis water treatment device. We integrate R&D of high-tech chemical products, manufacture and sale of machines and washing products, analysis and test of daily chemical products and technical services into one entity. Our company has passed the ISO Quality Management System Certification and CE Certificate, has over 70 high-tech product national patents, won the Gold Prize of China International New Technology and Product Fair for Technology Innovation twice, and has enjoyed the fund support of Ministry of National Science and Technology for Key Project Product Innovation. The company has its equipments and technologies all over China and exported to many countries, such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Iran and Africa.

AiLinKang Biotech Co., Ltd mainly produces and sells body moxibustion and warm moxibustion health care equipment, car air purifier, plant detergent extracting equipment, as well as plant perfume and essential oil extracting equipment.

Fuda Washing Products Factory mainly produces and sells functional series products, such as superior quality washing products, shampoo products for blackening and breeding hair.

Fuda Young Inventor Cradle Education Technology Co., Ltd mainly aims at cultivating the youngsters to build their comprehensive creative ability of innovation and invention, transforming nature and adapting to the social survival.

Patent Inventor Profile

Wang Xianjun: a member of the Communist Party of China; graduated from Metallurgy and Ecological Engineering Institude, Beijing University of Science and Technology, master degree; the DBA of Central South University; a contract research fellow of the Chinese Academy of Management Science; the general manager of Hunan Fuda Chemical Co., Ltd and AiLinKang Biotech Co., Ltd at present.


Committed to R&D of the environmental and healthy new products is the Mr.Wang’s eternal pursuit; Being honest, pragmatic, proud of scientific research and helpful is his constant motto. In May 25th, 1995 and March 2ed, 1996, Mr.Wang had been awarded respectively the national patents for the first domestic environmental detergent powder equipment and liquid detergent equipment. So far, he has over 70 related products and technologies applied to national patent, and has applied these into production practice; he also has enjoyed the free innovation fund support from Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Inventor Words:

Be a person well first, then do things well, becoming an honest and pragmatic Fuda person!

Be kind to others and self, be respectful for things and jobs, becoming a dedicated Fuda person!

what others don’t have, I have; what others innovate, I innovate better, becoming an industrial leading Fuda person!

Company Culture
Fuda Technology what others don’t have, I have;
what others have, I innovate;
what others innovate, I innovate better
Fuda Marketing If our product price is higher than the counterparts with the same quality,
we will double the price difference for compensation
Fuda Quality If others can do the same with ours, we will refund you
If we can’t do for you, we will give you a double compensation
Fuda Confidence Having over 30 years of factory history, we only focus on the one thing - Daily Chemical
Having been exported to over 30 countries, we create the quality to conquer the market
Having over 70 national patents, we desire entrepreneurs to be more successful
Having over 1000 successful customers, we sincerely work together to realize the fortune
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