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Origins of fuda:

I was born in a farmer's family. When I was a child, my family was poor, my mother was sick, and there were four brothers in the family, who earned an annual income of more than 100 yuan by selling the labor force of one father. Two meals of wild vegetables, or porridge, or sweet potato rice, or radish rice were our food to satisfy our hunger. In the cold winter alone, a thin pair of pants were frozen with sores on my hands and feet. The poor life left an indomitable trace in my young heart, and a dream to change the status quo and achieve fuda arose naturally.

After graduating from Beijing University of Science and Technology, I was assigned to work in analytical chemistry in Beijing Chemical Institute. The monthly salary of more than 300 yuan could alleviate the survival crisis for my family. However, due to the aggravating illness of my mother and the aggravating economic burden of my family, I decided to lose my iron rice job and resign to start my own business in June 1993.

When I entered the society for the first time, I had only one idea: make more money to support my family, reduce the burden of my family, let my mother get better as soon as possible, and let myself become rich and become a fuda person. So for the first time, I was fascinated by fuda.

In 1993, my Fuda washing powder factory was officially established, and in 1997, it was renamed Hunan Fuda Daily Chemical Co., LTD.

Someone asked me: why the name fuda?

My experience tells me: fuda is a sign of achieving wealth, fuda is an auspicious name, fuda is a symbol of success, and fuda is the dream of the poor!

In the journey of life, no one wants to refuse fuda, no one wants to miss fuda;

In real life, the heart has the dream of fuda, the practice of fuda, and the achievement of wealth!

In the journey of life, farther and farther from fuda, closer and closer to poverty!

In 1999, I came to Changsha and had the honor to meet Mr. CAI De 'an, who specializes in the study of the Book of Changes, so I learned the Book of Changes from a teacher and felt the meaning of the word "fuda" more. The auspicious name is the beginning of success and the omen of happiness.

Success can not be separated from the right time, geography and people, can not be separated from a good omen, a good name brings good omen. The well-known giant enterprises such as Wanda Group, Libai Group, Giant Technology, Lens Technology, Sany Heavy Industry (nine nine to one), Baidu, 360, are all good names to start with.

It can be seen that the names of people and companies are quite learned. Whether it is the people in the business or the rich people who have achieved fuda, the dream of fuda relentlessly pursued has become a spontaneous pursuit.

Because of fuda, we have been moving forward for 30 years;

Because of fuda, we have 30 years of daily chemical equipment factory;

Because of fuda, we have a hard-won cosmetics factory;

Because of fuda, we set up a new 100,000 disinfectant factory this year;

Because of fuda, we have a germicidal detergent production plant;

Because of fuda, we have obtained nearly 100 national patents;

Because of fuda, we have more than 100 products registered trademarks;

Because of fuda, environmental protection and pollution-free washing products have been identified as project products by the Ministry of Science and Technology;

Thanksgiving fuda, do not forget the original heart, good people good themselves, will become our eternal mission!

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