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Global daily chemical production and marketing alliance group

Global daily chemical production and marketing alliance groupPurpose of this group: integrate daily chemical resources,Learn from each other and win win-win, resist fake and shoddy,Purify the daily chemical market, conquer leading technology,Casting bouti

04 2024-05

How to legalize daily chemical factory?

To legalize the operation of a daily chemical factory, you need to follow a series of legal and administrative regulations to ensure that your business operates in compliance. Here are some key steps and considerations: B…

04 2024-05

How to identify detergent equipment to join the scam?

Sky eye check ~ Let cheaters nowhere to hide!Through the sky eye check the enterprise, check the boss authenticity, so that you less detours.Recently, every day contact with some of the entrepreneurs who failed after join…

04 2024-05

Six tons volume reactor configuration, equipment volume 6000 liters, material 304 stainless steel

Six tons volume reactor configuration, equipment volume of 6000 liters, material 304 stainless steel, wall thickness of 5 mm, upper mixer + variable frequency governor 0-150 RPM, two high-speed shear dispersion machine at…

04 2024-05

Expose the marker scam

Can't wash away the Sharpie e-commerce scam,Beware of being cheatedIn order to help the majority of consumers less detours, not deceived, remind you that all the laundry detergent in the video of the e-commerce platform, …

27 2024-04

AES antifreeze misunderstandings and the truth about daily chemical training revealed

26 2024-04

Go to Fidelity with differentiation


26 2024-04

Daily chemical filling machine


26 2024-04

AES and other raw material thawing machine at low temperature


26 2024-04

AES and AEO and other raw material charging machine to solve the difficult problem of manual feeding


25 2024-04

Do you know how many of the units selling daily chemical equipment in China have the following advan


24 2024-04

Who is the victim of purchasing antifreeze AES production daily chemical supplies?


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