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Guangxi users daily chemical production line installation!

Guangxi users daily chemical production line installation!30 years Fuda daily chemicalFocus on one thingMake only quality products

20 2023-04

Make High-tech Products with High Threshold

Only by making products with high threshold and technical content can we avoid price competition of homogenized products and earn high profits easily.Do you want to know what product is being tested in the video?

20 2023-04

500 kg/h Laundry Detergent Production Line to Sichuan

13 2023-04

Ai Linkang Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. of Fuda was Awarded the High-tech Enterprise

Ai Linkang Biotech was awarded a high-tech Enterprise, which will more effectively serve new and old users, jointly create high-tech products, and enhance core competitiveness in the market, really achieve by changing the…

23 2016-04

The Ordinary Dishwashing Liquid Formula with 102 Powder in Fuda 2011 (Freely Offer)

The new product of Fuda Chemical - low-cost dishwashing liquid thickener adopts FD102 powder with little dosage, high viscosity, good appearance and low cost (the lowest can be 0.2 yuan/500 g). The dishwashing liquid form…

23 2016-04

Patent Inventor Dr. Wang Xianjun Reminds Investors Beware of Following Scams

At the moment, the industry of detergent machines is good and bad mixed together. Affected by the market competition factors, many people disregard moral principles in pursuit of profit, utilizing low-price and inferior p…

14 2016-04

Technology Creates Wealth, Barrier Develops Future

In April, the spring season, Fuda Chemical presents a picture of prosperity. People of insight from different places came to Fuda together to move towards the path to prosperity of pro-environment detergent products. F…

26 2016-03

Myanmar first time a user visits immediately purchase more than 280,000 yuan

Fidelity choose to shop around, all over the world gather in Changsha. National patent casting quality, rewarding experience laughingly. Users from Burma, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Guizhou investigated in a number of producers…

25 2016-03

Warm Congratulations to the Establishment of Chongqing Yunrun Detergent Products Co,. Ltd

A pretty and outstanding woman from Chongqing Yunyang has been dominated the detergent products for nearly 10 years, and she high-spiritedly purchases the machines for expanding her production scale, and then gains achiev…

25 2016-03

Warm congratulations Chongqing Yunrun washing Ltd. established

Yunyang beautiful heroine alone main wash products nearly 10 years, morale expand production line-up and then purchased equipment success. Our aim is to do good, to do good to one another in order to save time, improve ef…

25 2016-03

Patent inventor Dr. Wang Xianjun remind investors wary of the following scam

Nowadays, washing equipment industry was mixed, affected by market competition factors, many unscrupulous use of low-priced inferior products tempt users freeloaders, causing the user to purchase a substandard product unm…

25 2016-03

It is really difficult to make money?

It is really difficult to make money? Fidelity of the detergent production lines, free learning technology formula, to provide raw materials packaging, trademarks and patents and other procedures, the use of 90 percent o…

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