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Yunnan customers to Hunan Fu Da daily chemical feel what is "a penny a penny goods"!


17 2024-04

Daily chemical product quality feedback from Shandong users


17 2024-04

0.1~0.2 cost of laundry detergent why the market is so hot?


02 2024-01

Fuda Daily chemical 30 years is how to come? -- Witness the engineer's installation trip to Chon

In the dead of night, Huang Gong who went to Chongqing to install detergent production equipment passed the on-site installation picture through wechat, although the user's investment is not large, but we believe that as …

28 2017-08

Nigeria customers to inspect liquid detergent equipment

Kenyan customers to inspect liquid detergent equipment.The machine is multi-functional ,generated products are necessities for everyone.

22 2016-03

The Notice of Product Inspection for Old Customers Freely

The company introduced advanced detection equipment, according to customer needs, free of charge to customers for product analysis and biochemical indicators of physical and chemical indicators analysis. As long as you be…

06 2023-09

The Kick-Off Meeting for Technicians to Iran for On-the-spot Service

June 11, the company's technical staff on-site service to Iran held a swearing in ceremony. At the meeting, general manager of Mr. Wang Xianjun for the technical staff to explain the main points, and wished technician tri…

28 2016-04

Warmly Celebrate Our Fujian Customer Creating Achievements Again

Becoming a Famous Brand of Detergent and Care Products in FujianAt the time of the detergents production line completed and put into operation of the users from Lianjiang and Shishi Fujian province, invited by the old cus…

28 2016-04

Warm Celebrations on the Establishment of "JieRanYiSheng" detergents production line

Warm Celebrations on the Establishment of "JieRanYiSheng" detergents production line in Lianjiang Fujian provinceInvited by Mr. Wu, the general manager of Lianjiang Fuda Chemical, Mr. Wang Xianjun who has 55 nat…

22 2016-03

Jiazheng family home cleaning supplies - Interview Jingmen detergent factory Mr. Sun Jiazheng

August sun, along with all the harvest season comes, in Jingmen, Mr. Sun Jiazheng detergent factory successfully put into operation; the country's industrial production permit and other legal qualification successfully is…

20 2016-03

Celebrate Fujian customers achieve better results

Fujian Lianjiang value lions user detergent production line put into the occasion, the user shall Fujian old Chen was invited again after a few years have witnessed the washing plants source products factory tremendous ch…

20 2016-03

Ping Jiang Hongxing celebrate Day of clothing of blue liquid detergent Cup Dragon Boat Race

Ping Jiang Hongxing Day of clothing of blue liquid detergent Cup Dragon Boat Race kicked off, I wish Hung Hing day: the waves pushed before the waves, courage shining bright clothing of blue cup setback of the pack, leadi…

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