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fuda Daily Chemical formerly known as fuda Washing Powder Factory, Hunan fuda Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in August 1997, mainly producing daily chemical equipment and raw materials and products. In 2014, Hunan IlinKang Biotechnology Co., LTD., and in 2022, Hunan fuda Chemical Technology Co., LTD., were established. fuda Daily chemical under the jurisdiction of the car urea factory, 100,000 standardized cosmetics factory, 100,000 standardized disinfectant products factory, washing supplies factory, daily chemical equipment factory.

The main production detergent equipment, disinfectant equipment, automotive supplies equipment, water treatment equipment, water metering equipment, drinking water equipment, sewage treatment equipment, automatic feeding automatic filling equipment and other complete sets of machinery and equipment, related chemical raw materials; chong First hair shampoo, conditioner, everything grass series shower gel, hand sanitizer, skin care essence lotion and other cosmetics, FuDa, Ecological Pure organ, green grass net, IlinKang brand fruit and vegetable tableware washing detergent, laundry liquid; Small stray bullet kitchen oil cleaning agent; IlinKang series 84 disinfectant, hands-free disinfectant (spray), hands-free disinfection gel, antibacterial skin care foam hand sanitizer; Detergents and gels thickener, defoamer, etc.

The company's environment-friendly and pollution-free washing product technology has won the project qualification of the Ministry of Science and Technology and enjoys the free innovation fund support of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has the import and export qualification of products. The projects involved in the company are issued by the environmental Protection Bureau of Changsha County, and the company has obtained the production license of food cleaning agent, cosmetics production license and disinfectant product production license. So far, fuda Daily Chemical and IlinKang Biotechnology have more than 100 registered trademarks of different categories of products, and nearly 100 products and technologies such as detergent technology, shampoo technology and laundry detergent technology have won national patents. The company has independent research and development and product testing and testing capabilities.

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