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Quality is Important, so is Marketing.

 As we all know, the key of maintaining the survival and development of a production enterprise is the quality of products, the reputation and the marketing methods. In a word, whether consumers are satisfied. As for the product quality, enterprises can reach the stardard as long as they have the advanced production technologies. And the reputation can also be achieved by people's sincerity. By contrast, marketing is the most difficult thing. In the daily chemical industry, profit and competition confront each other, and the market is very harsh. Especially when you are a new and small enterprise, you will feel even harder. Production capital, working capital and product publicity...,all these seems to need the money to support. However, enterprises needs to develop just as people need to survive, the obstruction aslo can become the impetus. we think every product can achieve a success only if the product quality is good, the cost is low and the marketing is right. The following are the marketing methods from the part of our successful customers for your reference.

Two Kinds of Detergent Products, One is a Loss, the Other is Profitable

 Normally, we always say "Do not business if there is a loss", but there is just a person who won the market by selling his products at a loss, and then achieved considerable economic benefit. The person is our customer Liu Guoxing from Lianjiang Guangdong. He adopted our detergent powder technology in May 1998. Facing the fierce market competition, all businesses adopt various marketing methods which have the focus on the way of pleasing consumers, but there are few people selling their products at a loss. Mr.Liu dared to be the first one. He mainly produced two-grade washing powder of medium grade and low grade. When selling, he sold the ordinary washing powder at the cost price, while sold the medium-grade washing powder at the price of 0.2 yuan higher than the factory price. For example, 400 grams of ordinary washing powder was only sold at 1.0 yuan/bag, while the medium-grade washing powder was sold at 2.2 yuan/bag. He firstly put up advertisements for propaganda. The first day when launching products, the sale of ordinary washing powder was up to 1000 bags, while the sale of the medium-grade one was only over 100 bags. Mr.Liu was not worried even if he knew the loss at that time. He believed his sale method was right. At the fourth day of serial promotions, there was a favourable turn. The sale of medium-grade washing powder was up to nearly 2000 bags, but the sale of the ordinary one was just over 100 bags at 1.0 yuan/bag. After we knew his unique sale method, he confidently told us, the cause of success is because his sales targents are the city not the country. When customers bought the ordinary one for the first time, they thought the quality of powder with low price is so good that the quality of medium one must be better. Due to the high price of the brand-name washing powder,these consumers used to buy the brand-name washing powder would think though the price of medium-grade one was higher which was still lower than brand-name ones, and they were satisfied with the quality of medium-grade one. This is a kind of consumer psychology resulted by looking at issues at one side of the part of consumers. In fact, if you notice the market, you will find easily the shopping promotions are also that situation. Lower the sale price of a familiar product, but higher the sale price of the unfamiliar product. This is called “evading the crucial point”, and buyers are “blinders”.

Putting up Posters to Bring Revenue

 Facing the bombshell TV advertisements from large washing powder factories, some new producers flinch due to unable to invest advertisements, and they face the situation of insufficient fund, having not enough to go round, new products coming into the market and no money to advertise. So, how can you bring the new products to the market? The philosophy of "Heaven must be a way", "constant dropping wears the stone" and "changes from quantity to quality" made Mr.Yu jiaxing arise his inspiration. He was the producer of the washing powder project in 2001 from our company, his factory was located in Yiwu Zhejiang. Because of insufficient fund, he was unable to put up advertisements for the new products. Then, he asked colleagues to bring the product posters to put up on the hotels, wholesale markets and major shops. As he left his contact number and address below the posters, less than one week, his products attracted many buyers for the advantages of low price, large volume and strong detergency power. New customers were increasing. And because of good reputation, old customers was also not changed. Mr.Yu called our company and said humorously, "I sell products by putting up posters, no need to go out to advertise and reap the profits at home." Indeed, there is always a "miracle" as long as everyone acts according to circumstances and tries to be unique.

Final Words

 After read above marketing methods for washing powder, you may get some enlightenments. If you continue to produce the washing powder project which won the national patent from our company, and use our full set of technologies and certificates to produce and sell in the form of a sub-factory, we are actually tied together. Therefore, we have the duty to use the national patent for washing powder production with FD-aid expanded surfactant and cleaning expanded aid technology to help you produce successfully. Moreover, we will also constantly recommend the related experience of succesful customers who has continued to produce products from our company for you. At the same time, we also welcome you to provide more effective marketing plan, to communicate together and to promote the development of Fuda.

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