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Dear Customers,

At the beginning of this year, Hunan Fuda Chemical CO., Ltd. extends cordial greetings and sincere wishes to the new and old customers and friends who have long-term concern and support for company's development! Expressing sincere regards to all customers who come from across the country and from Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Nepal, North Korea, Korea, Vietnam, Burma, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong and so on and have introduced detergents making machine and technology from our company! Expressing heartfelt thanks to every friend who always cares for and supports Fuda's development! Wish all of you all the best in the year to come!


Looking back, we are full of pride; Looking forward, we are full of fight! During the past year, our company constantly updated technologies, innovated new products; the export trade has increased with each passing day.

Through the hard work and selfless dedication of all staff in Fuda, various works go well and thrive. The all is the best interpretation of Fuda's spirit - "Dedicated, Hard Working and Content". During the past year, through researchers' hard exploration, our company has won 76 national patents for new products and technologies, thus making a progressive step for the automation and quality of detergents making machine. Good reputation, excellent quality, advanced machines and technologies spread all over the country, constantly occupy the international market, and gain general recognition from customers at home and abroad. Many customers from South Africa, France and so on have successfully signed the contract and put into operation.

Fuda Detergent Machine can produce more than 100 liquid detergent products like dish-washing liquid, shampoo, laundry detergent, anti-freezing solution and so on with one machine as long as you change the formula and clean the machine. The major advantages are following:

1. Fuda liquid detergent machines are different from traditional mixers; the upper part of machine runs high-speed plasma shear emulsification and mixing synchronously, and the bottom part is installed with the screw pump and centrifugal emulsification pump for the circulation emulsification and automatic discharging; Compared with the traditional mixer, our machine saves time more than three times, the shelf life of products prolongs more than two times, and the detergency of products increases 30%-40% due to its excellent emulsification, high concentration and stronger detergency.

2. Fuda liquid detergent machines have a better energy saving feature. Even though there is no heating during production, the product temperature can naturally reach 50℃ - 60℃ by high cutting when the machine has run for about 40-60 minutes, which can improve efficiency, save energy and produce the products of more stable quality.

3. The output capacity of Fuda liquid detergent machine ranges from 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 5T/h, 10T/h, 30T/h, 50T/h and even to larger machine. The price ranges from 6000 RMB per machine to the production line of more than ten thousand RMB, tens thousand RMB, hundreds thousand RMB and more than one million. It can be provided according to customers' needs.

4. Except the different output capacity, the differences of machine price are mainly reflected in different material, automaticity, function of machines as well as different quality of products.

5. In the present era full of venality and lack of integrity, the only thing we can do is to guide you to produce competitive and unique products by utilizing our practicality and strength as well as our innovative patented machines and technologies. Whether you will purchase our machines or not, you can also take part in the technical training of detergent products for 2 days as long as you come to our company - Hunan Fuda Chemical CO., Ltd.- located in Changsha, Hunan province. Contents of this training include learning technical formula, raw materials of detergents and methods of product quality identification as well as installation, maintenance and use methods of machines by yourself, until you can produce the qualified products reaching or beyond the quality of famous-brand products. And it also depends on you whether you purchase our machines or not.


6. If you decided to purchase our machines, we can dispatch some engineers to provide on-site installation and whole process production guidance until you produce qualified products according to your needs. At the same time, we will freely offer the product registered trademarks, such as brands "ShengTaiJingPu", "JieLiBaoBei", "Wangli", "Xiangsizhu" and "BaiRunJieLiBai", offer product barcodes, certificates for environmental non-pollution detergent products and technologies issued by Ministry of Science and Technology and product qualification certificates for your use, in order to avoid detours and reduce early investments.

7. Our successful customers include domestic and overseas customers. There are some related introductions of relevant customers in our company's Webchat and QQ zone. You can get a relatively comprehensive understanding of our company's products.

8. According to many successful customers of Fuda, we suggest you first know your local market needs and profit analysis of daily consumables before come to our company for a visit, so as to choose the right investment direction.

9. The raw materials for producing detergents are normal chemicals, which you can buy from local market. And the investment is adjustable.

10. Production cost of products: there is 80%-90% water in liquid detergent with few raw materials; The cost of various products are following:

Minimum cost of dish-washing liquid: about 0.2RMB/jin

Minimum cost of laundry detergent: about 0.5RMB/jin

Minimum cost of shampoo: about 0.5RMB/jin

Minimum cost of hand-washing liquid: about 0.5RMB/jin

Minimum cost of disinfectant liquid: about 0.12RMB/jin

Minimum cost of hair conditioner: about 0.6RMB/jin

Minimum cost of glass cleaner: about 0.15RMB/jin

After purchasing a machine, you can change the formula by yourself based on your market conditions, in order to adjust the product quality and production cost.

Seeing is believing! Welcome to visit our company! We will always provide services for all new and old customers. Our company is located in the center of Changsha city near the railway station. We will provide a special pick-up service as long as contact us.

Whether we can cooperate or not, we are friends firstly. Be a person well first, then do things well. We believe in that point. We will continue to adhere to the enterprise development concept of "look-ahead first, quality first, integrity first and customer first". Look forward to our first handshake! Lastly ,let's hand together to create a brilliant future with our wisdom and hardwork, innovation and outcomes as well as sincerity and dedication!

Hunan Fuda Chemical CO., Ltd.
Feb. 18, 2016