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Celebrating life and then washed clean production line in Fujian even Jiang Jiancheng

release time:2016-03-20 attention:

Celebrate Jie then life washing product line in Fujian even Jiang Jiancheng, should Lianjiang Fidelity of tread invitation, 55 national patent inventor Wang Xianjun party went Lianjiang factory site to guide the production, by the Lianjiang Fidelity of Wu Zongsheng warm hospitality, together Go to the site visit and study in Lianjiang cosmetic factory in Jiangsu as well as the General Lee, Shishi of the plant Zou like. After we compare the production of washing products and well-known brand scientific analysis by himself, Lianjiang Fidelity of laundry liquid detergent effect is more significant, everyone Fidelity future more confident.      






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