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Patent inventor Dr. Wang Xianjun remind investors wary of the following scam

release time:2016-03-25 attention:

Nowadays, washing equipment industry was mixed, affected by market competition factors, many unscrupulous use of low-priced inferior products tempt users freeloaders, causing the user to purchase a substandard product unmarketable products. As a patented invention, I remind this investor beware of the following scam: scam detergent washing powder production equipment at the same time [a detergent washing powder equipment devices are two kinds of completely different equipment, technology is not the same principle, if a simple mixer production, it is impossible to produce a good product], the upper device a blender scam detergent production equipment [an upper mixer producing a detergent dissolving bad perishable].

To purchase detours, as long as the investigation came to Hunan Fidelity chemical customers, whether or not cooperation, will be the first to learn washed free production technology, until the production of qualified products so far.

The figure is the production of a chemical plant in Hunan Fidelity Workshop real show, the first good people, good products again, is our consistent aim, we hope the company more than 70 national patents can effectively help people interested in the production of washing Trend success.

Our aim is to do good, to do good to one another in order to save time, improve efficiency, there are doubts place, please call contact 13787202028, thank you!

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