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Warmly Celebrate Our Fujian Customer Creating Achievements Again

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Becoming a Famous Brand of Detergent and Care Products in Fujian

At the time of the detergents production line completed and put into operation of the users from Lianjiang and Shishi Fujian province, invited by the old customer from Fujian Mr. Chen, I witnessed the drastic changes in the "LuZhiYuan" detergent products factory several years later. It has become a famous brand of detergent and care products in Fujian, which made me deeply moved. The road to success of Mr. Chen has set a good example for those who determine to produce detergent products. Hereby, on behalf of Fuda staff as well as new and old customers, I wish Mr. Chen have a better tomorrow! I also saw: High quality detergent and care products make a successful future!

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