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Washing detergent equipment manufacturers teach you to buy washing detergent methods and precautions

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First, how to distinguish between true and false dish soap?

Dish soap, as an essential kitchen cleaning supplies, can be seen everywhere in supermarkets. They come in bottles and barrels. Most of the brands are opaque and use two materials, PP and PVC. Generally speaking, PP will appear opaque phenomenon due to large crystallinity, due to the high crystallization of polymer good heat resistance, large mechanics, high tensile, so it is used for packaging liquid products.

Second, how should the appearance color be good? What are the factors of color influence?

The appearance requirements of dishwashing liquid in the national standard are: no stratification of liquid products, no suspended matter or precipitation. Most daily dishwashing liquid is light yellow, usually a lighter color is better.

Three, dishwashing liquid is the thicker the better?

Dishwashing liquid is not the thicker the better, and the detergency of dishwashing liquid is not necessarily related to the consistency. Consistency is only due to the addition of thickener, the purpose is to make it beautiful, and has little effect on decontamination, but increases the ineffective cost.

Precautions for using dish soap:

1. When washing vegetables and fruits, first rinse off the dirt on the surface of vegetables and fruits with clean water, and then soak in water with dishwashing liquid for 5-10 minutes, pay attention to the concentration of dishwashing liquid is appropriate at about 0.2%, or follow the instructions for the use of dishwashing liquid, the soaking time should not be too long, so as to avoid excessive penetration of dishwashing liquid into vegetables and fruits, resulting in vitamin loss

2. Pour dishwashing liquid directly on a sponge or rag, dip in a small amount of water, scrub the tableware (pay attention to wear rubber gloves), and then rinse with running water.

3. Household detergent has certain damage to the skin, so each contact time should not exceed 40 minutes (you can wear rubber gloves and wash) rinse with water after use, and should not be used when the skin is damaged.

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