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The main scope of production and business

release time:2024-01-08 attention:

1, liquid detergent equipment, disinfectant equipment, cosmetic equipment;

2, washing powder equipment, soap, soap equipment;

3, powder, liquid, paste material automatic metering filling and packaging machine

4, AES/AEO-9 and other raw materials low temperature rapid thawing equipment,

5, water treatment equipment, water metering equipment;

6, raw material automatic metering and feeding machine

7, stainless steel container, storage tank, twin screw mixer;

8, paint, coatings, pharmaceutical industry reaction kettle and automatic production line;

9, laboratory equipment, fragrance perfume equipment;

10, car urea, antifreeze, glass water, waterless car wash wax water production equipment;

11, square drum, round automatic cleaning equipment, liquid filling machine, large drum cart;

12, daily chemical products, daily chemical raw materials, packaging bottles production and sales

13, daily chemical product production, daily chemical technology formula support;

14, daily chemical products daily chemical raw material formula and composition analysis;

15, registered trademark, invention patent, production license agent.

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