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FDF300B-6B Liquid Detergent Machine









Overall size


Machine configuration

Reverse-osmos is water purification device, plasma emulsifying reactor, automatic water meter,liquid filling machine, air compressor, source water tank, purified water tank,finished-product tank, emulsifying pump, control box


It is multi-functional,capable of producing more than 100 kinds of liquid detergents,such as dishwashing liquid,disinfectant,laundry detergent,shampoo,body lotion and so on


 HUNAN FUDA CHEMICAL liquid detergent production process flow diagram

1、Source water tank

2、Reverse-osmosis deionized water treatment device

3、Purified water tank

4、Booster pump



7、Shearing emulsification motor

8、Mixing motor


10、Manual reversing bucket

11、Reaction Kettle Tee

12、Thermal insulation layer


14、Control box


16、Microporus filter for finished product

17、Storage tank for finished prodct

18、filling machine

19、air compressor

20、Working platform

21、Working platform for filling

22、Working platform for storage tank


Product Details

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Device
Automatic Water Meter
Reaction Kettle Tee

Liquid Detergent Production Line

Storage tank for finished product

Filling machine

With only one machine, all the following products can be produced:

This Video is about  Installation of Liquid Detergent Machine for Rwanda.   Suggest those who watch video should use WiFi !

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