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New Year Message

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New Year Message the new and old customers and friends:

      Happy New Year! Silver snake to dance the old year and success New Year! We are about to bid farewell impressive in 2013, ushered in a more hopeful in 2014, bringing the New Year Spring Festival approaching, the company would like to care for and support the development of new and old customers and friends to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes; to all customers who come from all over the country and from Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Nepal, north Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia and Hong Kong and other countries and regions, the introduction of equipment and technology from the company to extend my Season's greetings to all the friends have been concerned about and support the development of the company to express my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks! New Year's Day during the Spring Festival still adhere to the overseas staff of the Company is engaged in engineering and technical services to express our deep condolences to wish everyone in the new year Gaschromic Cheung, healthy, happy and healthy family, good luck.

     Looking back through the years, we pride agitation, linger; Looking ahead, our emotions, morale. Over the past year, the company constantly updated technology, new products are growing export trade. To your customers confinements million yuan more than big profits mushroomed after another.

     Through the hard work of the staff of Hunan Fidelity and dedication, showing the hustle and bustle of the work potential, burst out of unprecedented vigor, the best of which are Fidelity "dedication, diligence and industry, music industry," the spirit Int. Over the past year, through hard exploration company researchers, the 2013 has developed 10 new products, won the national patent, to date, the Company has a total of 38 new national patent products, making washing production equipment automation and quality dominating the domestic the first peer. Good corporate reputation, excellent product quality, advanced production equipment and technology all over the country, and continue to occupy the international market, has won widespread recognition at home and abroad customers. Groups of customers from South Africa, France and other countries successfully signed and put into operation. Fujian Mr. Chen Xiangbin customer first investment more than 20 million since 2006. The company introduced washing products and cosmetics equipment device, create Fuzhou Green Biosciences, just five years time, the rapid expansion of production scale, the annual production value of nearly billion, product demand, and we have invested nearly a million of the company to introduce new washing equipment, the new plant 5,000 square meters, where Mr. Chen Xiangbin enterprise has become the largest personal care products, a production plant in Fujian Province. Changsha customer Deng Qiuping quit paying white-collar jobs, in 2009 only 60,000 yuan investment to introduce our small detergent equipment, the establishment of the United States and moist Japan Ltd. Changsha, just four years, the restaurant has more than 400 hotels in Changsha stable source supply detergent and disinfectant liquid detergent, the annual income of more than 100 million, to meet the needs of the market, the company in December 2013 and 2.4 tons per hour of additional detergent production lines, standardization and washed nearly a million construction investment factory. Thus, Fidelity of the outstanding product quality and in 2013 won the Science and Technology Innovation Fund unpaid 800,000 reward, and get washed clean project qualification certificate. By the company 38 patents inventor Professor Wang Xianjun developed multi-function security covers and cures of human body bitterly moxibustion therapy apparatus also has obtained national patent, and will set up biotechnology company formed products into the market in early 2014. These gratifying and inspiring achievements prove: Our strategy is clear, positioning is accurate, the decision is correct; these results, we see a new era, full of vigor and vitality. Face created by the brilliant past year, we have never forgotten that these are all people at home and abroad heart Fidelity Fidelity, the new and old customers of friendship and cooperation, and all the friends work together to crystallization. Here, all the people in good faith Fidelity you said loudly: Thank you!

      Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. Looking to the future, long way to go Fidelity will continue adhering to the "advance of the first, quality first, integrity first, customers first" concept of enterprise development, and look forward to your first handshake, and with the wisdom and hard work, innovation and technology, sincerity and dedication, and work at home and abroad, with the spectrum of a brilliant tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                    Fidelity Japan Ltd. in Hunan Province

                                                                                                                                                 January 1, 2014

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