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Differentiated daily chemical products dominate!

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Differentiated daily chemical products dominate!

Guizhou guy had a few years ago from the seek to buy a simple mixer to establish a small daily chemical factory, due to the continuous internal volume of the daily chemical market after the epidemic, can only rely on traditional detergent detergent small-scale production after the low price, despite continuous efforts, but can only barely make a living, and physical and mental exhaustion, under the helpless, see Fidelity daily chemical research and development of differentiated washing products new technology information, All the way to Changsha City, Hunan fidelity daily chemical inspection, in the inspection site personally witnessed oil-based markers, small white shoes products, down jacket anti-color products and other stubborn stains cleaning such as new scenes, ecstatic, immediately decided to expand investment in the introduction of fidelity daily chemical core technology home to rediscover the market.

In order to seek new products, the young man through a variety of large supermarkets and various e-commerce platforms to buy hundreds of promotional products to go home to try, the results were disappointed, and did not have the good effect of those business video propaganda, and later learned that their promotional video is artificial editing fake.

Today, after the on-site study in person, I applied a variety of stubborn stains on the cotton cloth and washed it after drying. Seeing the cleaning effect of the new cotton cloth, the guy had a happy smile on his face. When I left, the Guizhou guy was attached to it and didn't set foot on the road back to Guizhou until it was getting late.

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