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Powder automatic production equipment washing powder production process introduction

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Powder automatic production equipment washing powder production process introduction








Automatic powder production equipment plays a crucial role in the production process of washing powder. Through the automatic control system, this equipment realizes the whole automatic operation from the mixing, reaction and preparation of raw materials to product packaging and filling. Here is a detailed description of each key link:

First of all, the reaction unit mixer is one of the core equipment for the production of laundry powder. It adopts high-speed simultaneous shear structure, which can mix raw materials quickly and evenly to ensure the uniformity of product particles. At the same time, the closed conveying system ensures that the raw materials will not be polluted by the outside world during the conveying process, and the products are clean and dust-free.

Secondly, the double-roll shear dispersing machine is also one of the key equipment. Its function is to further disperse and refine the raw materials, so that the product particles are more uniform and the product quality is improved.

Next, the packaging and filling machine is responsible for the automatic packaging of the produced washing powder. It can automatically complete the steps of weighing, metering, filling and sealing according to preset packaging specifications, greatly improving production efficiency and accuracy.

In the entire production process, simple operation and convenient feeding are a major advantage of automatic powder production equipment. The equipment is equipped with a humanized operating interface and intelligent control system, so that the operator can easily grasp the running state of the equipment and adjust it according to needs. At the same time, the feeding system is also designed very convenient, can quickly and accurately complete the addition of raw materials.

In addition, the operation of daily chemical laboratory equipment is also an indispensable part of the production process of laundry detergent. Laboratory equipment is mainly used for product development, testing and quality control. Through the precise operation of laboratory equipment, the quality and performance of washing powder products can be ensured to reach the best state.

In general, the powder automation production equipment has achieved efficient, accurate and automated production in the production process of laundry powder, improved product quality and production efficiency, reduced labor costs, and provided strong support for the development of the daily chemical industry.

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