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FDG—300 Spray Drying Detergent Powder Plant

Machine Name

FDG-300 Washing Powder Pressure Type Spray Drye





Handling (Initial) Capacity



SUS201 & Carbon steel

Dryer Type

Pressure type spray dryer tower

Size of Dryer Tower Body


Emission Requirements

Emissions of China GB Standard (dustiness≤50mg/m3 Standard dry air)

Machine Configuration

Drying System (dry tower body, skeleton, hot air distributor, observation manhole, discharge pipe & cleaning manhole, cone pneumatic hammer, steel support, hot air duct into the tower, connecting duct with variable diameter, thermal insulation material), Heating System (gas fuel furnace), Air Supply System (fan, air filter), Feeding Pump, Spray Gun, Receiving System (high efficiency cyclone separator, discharge valve), Exhaust System (pipes, cloth bag dust collector), Induced Draft Fan, Control System (control cabinet, frequency converter, temperature sensor, pressure sensor), Auxiliary System (handrail, escalator, site wire and cable bridge steelworks, site steel platform)


It is multi-functional, capable of producing washing powder as well as applying to food industry and medical industry etc. to produce puffed products


高塔洗衣粉生产线示意图Schematic diagram of the high tower laundry detergent production line

喷雾干燥法生产洗衣粉主要原料 Production Materials


Sodium carbonate




Water glass


Sodium sulphate


Nonionic active agent


Chelating agent


Anionic surfactant



专利证书 Patent certificate


成功案例success cases

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