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Zhu Hefu Dari successful commissioning of new users and old users expansion

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Since March this year, Fidelity of the plant researchers under 45 national invention patents, led by Dr. Wang Xianjun, we have successfully developed a new type of plant detergent laundry detergent and shampoo products to market by users, deep by consumers. With the advent of new products, Fidelity cosmetic ushered countless new users all over the country to work together, but also won many due to expanding production scale purchase of equipment and old customers again successful in this, Fidelity of heartfelt thanks to new and old customers sincere trust and to wish all the best new and old customers and create greater success! (Hereinafter the new and old customers in alphabetical order) Henan Xinxiang and detergent factory --- Lu Bin

Henan Yanling detergent factory --- Golden Career

Yongzhou detergent factory --- Tang Yueming

Sichuan Santai ---- Dongchang Jie detergent factory

Zimbabwe detergent factory --- Chen

Jiaxing, Zhejiang detergent factory --- Qin Qing ring

Sichuan Wushan detergent factory --- Tian Benzhong

City of Inner Mongolia Bayan Thatcher detergent factory --- Yang Guorong

Changge detergent factory --- PROCEEDINGS

Shandong Wang Jiaxiang new detergent factory ---

Changsha Xingsha detergent factory --- Liu column

Huai'an, Jiangsu detergent factory --- Full ZHU

Sharon Long Li detergent factory - Pang

Changsha, the United States and Japan Ltd. ---- moisture Deng Qiuping

Hunan Arima Japan Ltd.

Liby Group plant in Changsha

Bengbu detergent factory - Jiao Fajia

Wuhan detergent factory --- Zhou Juncheng

Jingmen detergent factory - Sun Fatao

Zunyi detergent factory - to Wenxiu

Fuzhou Green Source Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ---- Chenxiang Bin

Lexile Technology Co., Ltd. (Apple mobile phone manufacturers)

Hunan Hao Di Industrial Co., Ltd.

Yiyang, Hunan-up detergent factory

Beijing Rongsheng era washing Ltd.

Laundry Products Co., Ltd. Dongguan, Guangdong

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